My Updated Pic 2021

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Let me introduce myself. My name is Karen and I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for over 20 years and am a mother to three children. I love a good cup of coffee as well as a nice cup of hot tea. And I think that it’s always good to have a selection of chocolate in the house. 😉

I love books! In fact, my idea of the perfect date with my hubby includes a trip to the local bookstore. 🙂 We have more books than we have bookshelves…which means you will find not only bookshelves with books, but tables in the living room with books, books on desks, and a very likely a stack of books wherever you might find me sitting. I dream of one day having a nice big room with walls lined with shelves so all of our books can find a shelf to sit on. 🙂

I enjoy playing the piano…I keep a reading journal…I sometimes crochet…I love good movies and TV series…and occasionally you might find me drawing. And did I mention that I like smiley faces? 😉

Here at The Simply Blog you’ll find simply me…writing and sharing about a variety of things. But you will mostly see me talking about books. 🙂 I feel that blogging is not just about the blogger writing, but also about having conversations. So grab a cup of coffee or hot tea, even maybe some chocolate too (who am I kidding…of course grab some chocolate!) and let’s chat!