This and That – Sept. 2, 2022

It’s September y’all! Already! I admit, I’m happy for it. I’m sure you know by now how much I love the fall season. 🙂 Today, I just wanted to sit down and chat a bit. So grab a cup of coffee, hot tea, or your favorite cool beverage if it’s still pretty hot where you are at. 😉

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My hubby and I finished the new season of Stranger Things two weekends ago. Wow! I was so nervous to watch season 4 because everyone was saying it was straight up horror. But I have to tell ya, it didn’t feel like that. Personally, I would say the season is still firmly sci-fi thriller but has some horror elements in it. There were definitely some scenes that I had to close my eyes; especially the opening of episode 1. I couldn’t watch that part. Still, the whole show was really good. And I felt season 4 just really tied some things together. I won’t say much so as not to give any spoilers. But it was good!

I think one of the things the show does so well is balancing intensity with humor. Anyway, I just have to say, of all the 80’s music in the show, season 4 had my favorite remix of the whole show in episode 8. Yep – the remix of “Separate Ways.” Dang it’s good!

Once we finished Stranger Things, we moved on to watching the new season of Virgin River. I’m liking the season so far but wow what a huge change after watching Stranger Things! LOL I also watch the show Heartland, so I’m watching season 14 of that right now as well. 🙂

I’ve also been working on some fall recipes for baking. I tried creating a vegan maple pumpkin chocolate chip donut recipe. And I was so thrilled with the results. I’m going to try another round in the next week or so but this time adding a crumble topping to it. In the meantime, I am planning to create a vegan apple pie muffin/donut recipe. Here’s a picture of the maple pumpkin chocolate chip donuts. I have since also made this recipe as muffins as well.

I also recently tried a recipe I found online for a veggie burger. And one that does not use any of the vegan meat substitutes. I was totally impressed! I have had to make some tweaks but the texture alone is crazy! It looks like a hamburger….the texture is like a hamburger….but it’s not a hamburger. It really is a veggie burger.

I recently learned how to make a cappuccino with my French press. Oh my stars y’all! I made a vegan cinnamon vanilla brown sugar cappuccino and it was amazing!

My husband enjoys cooking and usually cooks a meal every week and breakfast on weekends. Last week, he made this absolutely scrumptious vegan creamy gnocchi soup. It is like cozy comfort in a bowl.

My hubby is an amazing cook! He has that flair for cooking that is like an internal instinct of knowing what works well together with seasonings and food combinations. Know what I mean? We both cook around here but I actually enjoy baking more than cooking. And with him enjoying cooking, we make a good pair in the kitchen. 😉

In book news, I am gearing up to start both Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset as well as The Mysterious Affair at Styles. I decided to take a little detour first though. I bought a book on the history of Norway and decided to read some of that first before diving into Kristin Lavransdatter. Since it’s a historical fiction novel set in 14th century Norway, I wanted to learn more about Norway’s history before starting the novel. The book I bought is called History of Norway and it’s pictured below on my Kindle. I bought the ebook so I can have it as one of my nightly Kindle reads. 🙂 I am wanting to read the history book up to at least the 14th century. I feel like it would help me get a better feel for the time and place of the novel. I’m already on Ch. 2 and only need to read through Ch. 4 to reach the time frame of the novel.

I also received the copy I ordered of Agatha Christie’s autobiography yesterday. So I’m looking forward to a slow read of that as I begin reading her works. I am aiming to start reading her first book The Mysterious Affairs at Styles on Monday.

I’ve been excited to see the temperatures in our area dipping down into the 60s and upper 50s some this past week at night. That means Autumn is peaking around the corner! We still are having some hot days – 80s and close to 90 a day or two here and there; but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe the cooler temperatures of the fall season will be arriving to stay a little earlier than usual. Please? 🙂

I think the more Autumnal temperatures this past week has thrown me full on into Autumnal reading vibes already. LOL This week, my husband, daughter, and myself have been reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson and plan to have a family book club style discussion this weekend. It’s my third time reading the book but the first time my daughter has read it. I think it’s maybe the second time my hubby has read it. Anyway, it is very good! Then my daughter and I plan to read The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allen Poe next week for a read-aloud. We are totally getting into the Fallish/October vibes over here.

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I am a bit behind on writing some book reviews. Maybe I will do a post that’s more a summary style of several books. We’ll see. But I’ve finished The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. And I still need to write a review for Oh! William which I actually finished several weeks ago.

Well, I guess that’s about all for now. Thanks for stopping by for our cozy chat. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 🙂


7 thoughts on “This and That – Sept. 2, 2022

        • I’ve had the same experience with them being mushy as well. These are so much better! I mashed the beans a bit too much the first time I made these and they were a wee bit mushy but still unbelievably like a burger. The second time, I didn’t mash the beans as much and the mixture sat longer as well. They weren’t mushy at all that time! Hope you enjoy!


    • Oh and I also didn’t have quick oats since I only buy whole rolled oats. So I just processed some of the whole rolled oats a wee bit in the food processor to make them more like quick oats. The second time I made these, I actually substituted the whole wheat flour with oat flour (just processed my whole rolled oats in the food processor) and it worked fine.


  1. I was wondering if you were enjoying Stranger Things… and I’m so glad you did!! I agree about the humor making all of the scary/sci-fi stuff more manageable. It’s so darn funny. Everything here looks so delicious! I’ve resumed making daily espressos and my goodness – what a treat!

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    • Yes, the humor definitely made the scarier aspects more manageable. I just think the whole show has been well done. I can’t wait for Season 5! I hear it may be a long wait for it though. 😦

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