Books I Have My Eye on for Reading in 2022

Do you remember in the movie You’ve Got Mail when Kathleen Kelly gets sick? Joe Fox goes to visit her and she has a bad cold and says her head is feeling fuzzy. Yeah….that’s been me the last few days. I have my ups and downs – points where I can sit in bed with my Kindle and read. And then points where I’m like – please don’t ask me to think! LOL

When my head doesn’t feel all fuzzy as Kathleen Kelly put it, I’m thinking about books I want to read.

—-And she goes to lay down for a bit.—-

And it is now the next day. Ha! This post is taking me time to write. But thankfully, I woke up feeling better today and am very optimistic that I will get this post finished and published. 🙂

I am not laying down any fast rules here for my reading in 2022 when I share books I am looking forward to reading this year. This is just a simple list of books that I have my eye on, but no problem if I don’t get to them. But I like lists. Lists are nice. Lists are good. Lists must not dictate what I read. Yes, I am quite a conundrum aren’t I? Anyhoo….here’s what I have my eye on for 2022.

11/22/63 by Stephen King

This is happening. My friend Kayla and I are going to buddy read this starting in February. I am so excited about this! This will be my first Stephen King novel — and likely my only Stephen King novel — unless he takes to writing more historical fiction or something other than horror. I don’t do horror. Nope. I have heard King is a phenomenal writer and can tell a good story. So I’m excited that he’s written a historical fiction novel. Really looking forward to this one!

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh

I knew this one was a classic and was on many classic books to read lists. But it really came onto my radar more several years back when I heard Anne Bogel talk about it. In a post she wrote years ago, she lists it as one of the novels she reads over and over again. Plus, I just recently read that they are making a new movie of it! So I am eyeing this book for 2022.

The Marvels by Brian Selznick

I read this middle grade novel several years ago in ebook format. So I am tickled to finally have it in print and am looking forward to re-reading it!

Middlemarch by George Eliot

I have not read anything by George Eliot before and this is the title I have my eye on for 2022. I have heard it is an excellent read and am looking forward to diving into it.

Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset

I have heard such glowing reviews of this book that is called a great historical epic. It is set in Norway in the 14th century and centers around the character whose name is reflected in the title. If I decide to prioritize a read, this would definitely be one I choose. It comes in at a whopping 1144 pages.

There are, of course, so many more books I want to read. But I am trying to go with the flow as they say. I do also have authors I want to read more of their backlist titles which I hope to be able to work in some of those in 2022. Some of those authors would be Amor Towles (I’m looking at you Rules of Civility!), Fredrik Backman (I still have a handful of books left of his to read), and Ruta Sepetys, to name just a few. I think I will make a note of this in my reading journal. And speaking of my reading journal, as I mentioned in THIS post, I always try to read widely. So I’m thinking in my reading journal I may make a list of a variety of genres and then jot down a few titles that have caught my interest for each one.

What books do you have your eye on for reading in 2022?

10 thoughts on “Books I Have My Eye on for Reading in 2022

  1. wow, so many awesome books here! I really loved Kristin Lavransdatter and The Marvels!
    I don’t read horror either, but do want to read 11/22/63. King also wrote On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, which they say is fabulous.
    For 2022, I try mostly to focus on my TBR, for instance with this list:
    And am currently ding the Japanese Lit Challenge:

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    • I’ve heard about King’s non-fiction book as well and that it is really good. And glad to hear you thought Kristin Lavransdatter was good. I loved The Marvels as well and can’t wait to re-read it!


  2. Ah, Middlemarch is stupendous! I’d love to read it again but sadly, not this year unless a miracle happens. Kristin Lavransdatter is one I’ve been pondering too and almost read it last year. For 2022, I’m going to finish off alot of unfinished books and then try to read some from my Classics Club list and my Guardians 1000 List, although my Children’s book project is calling me too. So I’m undecided. I was going to make a list for 2022 but right now I think I’ll fly by the seat of my pants!

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    • I will be working on my Classics Club list as well. I have several books I’m carrying over into 2022 from 2021 also and need to finish. But they are slow read non-fiction books so I will likely just continue to take my time with them and I guess I’ll finish them when I finish them. LOL I am glad to hear you thought Middlemarch was so good! I’ve been looking forward to reading it for awhile now!

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  3. I hope you continue to feel better, Karen. The cold that’s been going around is quite awful right now. But You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorite movies and I enjoyed revisiting the scene you shared. I LOVE Kathleen Kelly’s home and loved anytime it was on camera 🙂

    Kristin Lavransdatter is one that I’ve been thinking of tackling this year because I’m interested in reading a few sagas. And I’ve been thinking about Brideshead Revisited for a while now.

    I can’t wait to keep following along in 2022 and I just might jump aboard a few when you pick them up 🙂 Feel better!


    • Thank you Katie. I am feeling better and better each day! I’m so thankful! I’m a You’ve Got Mail fan too. Love it! I’d love it if you read along with me for Kristin Lavransdatter and Brideshead Revisited. That would be awesome! 🙂 I’ll make a note to be sure to give a heads up in a post or send you a message when I get ready to read them.

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  4. Great list! I have a lot of things I’d like to read from my shelves, too! Or reread! I’m currently sucked into Gaskell’s Wives and Daughter’s and LOVING it. So far, I’d say the long movie version is pretty close to the book! 😃♥️


    • Wives and Daughters is another one I’d like to read. I’m glad to hear the movie adaptation follows the book well. I would like to re-read Gaskell’s North and South as well.

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