The First Reading Challenge of 2022

Back in January 2020, I decided to join in participating in the Japanese Literature Challenge hosted by Bellezza at Dolce Bellezza. I really enjoyed this challenge and read some good books.

I re-read The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro then went on to read his book Never Let Me Go. I also read a book that surprised me as to how much I enjoyed it. I mean, I knew I would probably like it, but I enjoyed it so much that I actually just recently bought a beautiful hardback edition of it and want to read it again. That book is The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura. I also read When the Emperor was Divine by Julie Otsuka as well as a re-read of Journey to Topaz by Yoshiko Uchida.

I missed out on the challenge last year and knew that I wanted to participate in this challenge again if it would be offered in 2022. And it is! I am excited to join in again!

So I have already been thinking about what I might want to read this coming January through March for this challenge. Last year, I aimed to read The Makioka Sisters by Jun’Ichirō Tanizaki but didn’t get to it. So I’m thinking that I may try to prioritize this book this time around. It has been on my TBR for awhile now and it will also count towards my Classics Club Challenge.

If you read my reviews of the two Ishiguro books I’ve read so far, you will notice that at the time of reading them I wasn’t quite for sure what I thought of Never Let Me Go. I definitely appreciated Ishiguro’s writing and was intrigued by his writing style. Now, almost a year later, his book Never Let Me Go has stayed with me and I’ve not forgotten it nor the haunting feeling I had when I read it. I think Ishiguro is a very skilled writer and I want to read another one of his books for this challenge. I am thinking of going with either The Buried Giant or An Artist of the Floating World.

I also wanted to try to read a book by Haruki Murakami last time but wasn’t able to. So this year, I am hoping to fit one in. Because I have not read anything by Murakami, I was looking over recommendations of where to start. I decided to go with Norwegian Wood. In fact, I have already purchased a copy of it and it should be arriving soon. I am looking forward to trying out my first Murakami novel!

And then I may decide to re-read The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura. The picture above is of the gorgeous hardback edition I bought. I’ve already flipped through it. It has a whole section of new material included before the actual The Book of Tea starts. And there’s lost of photographs included as well.

So there you have it! My initial thoughts on what I might read for the 2022 Japanese Literature Challenge. Thank you so much Bellezza for hosting it again!


12 thoughts on “The First Reading Challenge of 2022

    • I enjoyed When the Emperor Was Divine as well. I am waffling between The Buried Giant and Artist of a Floating World. I can’t decide which one to go with! I already have ordered Artist of the Floating World. And I have The Buried Giant in my cart for when I place my next book order. Decisions, decisions……

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    • I am having a hard time deciding between The Buried Giant and An Artist of the Floating World. I already ordered a copy of An Artist of the Floating World and have The Buried Giant in my cart for my next book order. So I guess we’ll see when my books arrive…. 🙂


  1. I’m glad that you had such a good challenge that you’re doing it again! I feel this way about my Russian and Greek challenges and wanted to do them again. In fact, there’s a blogger who’s doing a year reading the Greek plays in 2022. I’m going to try to join in as much as I can.


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  3. I love the look and design of the hb edition of the book of tea.

    The buried giant is my favourite Ishiguro to date, but I seem to be in a minority. His books do have a habit of staying with you long after the read though! I wasn’t that keen on Klara but I still think about it months later.


    • Very interesting! Yes, I have seen varying opinions on his books. You know, when I think about it, I guess I do still think about The Remains of the Day as well. I’ve read it twice. I haven’t read Klara and the Sun though. I plan to start An Artist of the Floating World at some point this week.


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