I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel

This book is the bibliophile’s dream! It’s all about the reading life and Anne Bogel pens it well. From personal stories to relatable quips about bookworm problems, Anne’s writing is warm, relatable, and full of all the bookish enjoyment. You feel like you are sitting down having a chat with a bookish kindred spirit. Here are a few passages that stood out to me:

Sometimes, of course, I seek out a book I need. But sometimes it’s more apt to say the book seeks me. I’ve learned books move in mysterious ways, and I’d do well to pay attention.” (p. 29)

A good book allows me to step into another world, to experience people and places and situations foreign to my own day-to-day existence.” (p. 51)

I’ve found that a good book not only holds up to repeated visits, but improves each time we return to it.” (p. 118)

Old books, like old friends, are good for the soul.” (p. 119)

Rereading can make you remember who you used to be, and, like pencil marks on a door frame, show you how much you’ve changed.” (p. 122)

Reading is often viewed as a solitary act; that’s one of the reasons I love it, and it’s certainly my favorite escape and introvert coping strategy of choice. But reading is also a social act: readers love to connect over good books.” (p. 138)

If you love books and reading, do yourself a favor and get this book. I think you will be happy to have it on your shelf. 🙂 Also, with the holiday season upon us, this is a perfect gift for any book-loving people in your life. I have given it as a gift to several people already!

*This was my book of choice for this week’s theme of non-fiction novella for Novellas in November.


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