This and That ~ January 11, 2019

Awhile back, I talked about the practice of re-reading. That post was a post where I pondered various bookish thoughts. But the idea of re-reading and the benefits of it, well, I have continued to think about that more. So much so that it’s one of my goals this year. I am aiming to re-read more. Adler says in How to Read a Book:

“Skimming or pre-reading is the first sub-level of inspectional reading. Your main aim is to discover whether the book requires a more careful reading.” (pg. 32)

I’m thinking a lot about this. Now as I read a book, I’m seeing if I think that book could be beneficial to re-read.

I have more thoughts on this topic that I might do a post about soon. For now, I know there are at least a handful of books I’d like to re-read this year. 🙂


don quixote

Are you looking for a nice long book to snuggle up with right now while it’s winter season? Silvia has invited others to join her in reading Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. I’m joining in. Want to join in too? Head on over and check out Silvia’s  invitation to read Don Quixote as well as her Don Quixote page.


I decided to make my own personal reading challenge this year based on my reading goals. The focus is on reading widely. I had a similar goal for 2018 and did reach those goals. But I am expanding my goals for 2019 and trying to incorporate more books in subject areas from history to science to poetry. I also want to do some re-reading as I already mentioned and I want to work on reading books from my classics list and from my own shelves. The idea occurred to me to create a printable for myself to have a pretty checklist printable. So I did!

2019 simply reading challenge graphic

You can grab a copy of this printable checklist HERE.

I’ve adapted the checklist a bit from my original list in THIS post for those who might want to join in. My personal goal is to read at least 6 classics from my classics list but for this checklist I put down to read two classic literature books. If you have any interest in joining me with this challenge to read more widely in 2019, feel free to grab this checklist printable and let me know in the comments that you’re joining me. 🙂




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