Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations

Title:  Great Expectations
Author:  Charles Dickens
Length:   464 pages
Genre:  Classic Literature

About This Book

Great Expectations is a coming-of-age story of the main character, Pip. We follow his life from youth to adulthood, as the adult Pip narrates the story of his life. There’s convicts, a bitter lady bent on revenge, love and love lost, and of course an intricate weaving of various threads in the novel.

My Thoughts

If you’ve read my comments about the other Dickens’ novels I’ve read, then you’ll know that there have been times with some of his novels that I’ve felt like I’ve had to slog through some wordiness. I was pleasantly surprised with Great Expectations. I think Dickens’ writing ability shines in this novel and it is by far my favorite. Of course there’s still the classic Dickens characteristics such as intricate weaving of various threads and great character development. But what seemed different to me in this novel from the other ones I’ve read (with the exception maybe of A Christmas Carol), is that the writing felt tighter. This is one of his later novels so maybe that’s why the writing felt more precise and not as wordy. I also felt that the reader is grabbed from the very beginning with a great opening chapter. The novel opens with an introduction to Pip and his situation (which is brief and not drawn out) and then the reader finds Pip in a churchyard amongst the tombstones and a convict threatens him in order to get food and a file (tool to help him get out of his chains). From there, an intricate plot unfolds with some unexpected twists and turns. Great Expectations is a well crafted story and one I would definitely recommend!




2 thoughts on “Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

  1. Great Expectations is my favorite Dickens work too. I’ve probably read 4 or 5 of his novels so far. One of my daughters struggled to read it and eventually dumped it. I could not entice her to continue. She couldn’t get past Pip and the choices he was making initially. She thought he was a complete jerk! The story is so well crafted and you don’t necessarily appreciate all the bits and pieces until it’s all wrapped up at the end.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it!


    • It’s definitely one of those cases where you want to finish the book because then you can see how Pip develops and where he has arrived to by the end of the novel.


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