What’s Helping Me Right Now

Last week, Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy talked about what’s saving her life right now.  Then she offered for everyone to join with her in sharing what’s saving our lives right now. These are things that are breathing life into us right now, things that are helping us get through the dreary and cold days of winter.

For the past month, we’ve had day upon day upon day of grey, overcast days…some even quite darker than the average overcast day. We’ve had back to back days of rain at times too. I like to see sun shining through my windows and these seemingly nonstop days of grey skies can make a person feel just plain’ole blah. So these are a couple of things that have really helped me right now.


Reading and Talking about Books

I know I love to read and love books and read all.the.time. But especially right now, reading and talking with friends about books is helping me through these dreary, grey days. Recently, a friend and I have been texting back and forth about what we’re reading, what we’ve read, and books we’d like to read. It’s so fun!

I’ve read some good books already in January. And these grey days are good for curling up on the couch, in front of the fireplace, snuggled in a warm blanket, reading. Obviously I can’t do this all day long (wouldn’t that be nice sometimes? 🙂 )…..but I thoroughly enjoy the moments in the day when I can.


I love coffee! But there’s something about a warm cup of coffee on a dark, dreary day…especially when it’s coupled with a good book or a good movie/show!

Sunshine Moments

Here and there amidst the grey clouds, the sun occassionally tries to pop out. When it does, nothing feels better than to turn my face towards the window and the sunshine, close my eyes, and soak in that sunshine. Sometimes, the sunshine will peak through the grey and shine through the window that my desk sits in front of. In those moments, I like to just sit at my desk, close my eyes, and do nothing but enjoy that little bit of sunshiny happiness. 🙂

Trips to the Bookstore

I love going to the bookstore. Sometimes with a book in mind…sometimes just because. Just the other day, it was so grey and dreary outside that I told my daughter, “I think we need a trip to the bookstore, what do you think?” Of course she said “Yes!” She loves going to the bookstore just as much as I do. So after dinner, off we went. It was just what we needed.

These are just a few of the things that have really helped me during this winter season. What has been helping you?


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