This and That – January 14, 2017

January is so fun because many people are writing about reading challenges and/or what books they might read for the year. I’m always looking for good books to read; so I love to see what books people are planning to read. I also enjoy seeing what others have to say about the books they’ve already read. Of course, this means that my to-read list just keeps growing! 😉


I decided not to do a separate post about which of my blog posts was most popular in 2016 but instead just mention it today. This is my blog post that got the most views in 2016:

Keeping a Commonplace Notebook

My Notebooks

When it comes to reading, I am a highlighter. I highlight in books a lot. But I also keep a commonplace book or what can be called a reading notebook. Actually, I keep two notebooks. One for only quotes…where I write down quotes from things I’m reading (books, articles, blog posts, etc.)…things I want to remember…things that stand out to me. And then I keep another notebook where I write quotes along with jotting down notes, writing out my thoughts, and sometimes writing summaries about what I’m reading…… READ MORE


Using a bullet journal is something I have yet to try. It seems to be the big thing right now in journaling. I’m intrigued. Are you interested in bullet journaling? Are you already using a bullet journal and would like to learn how to use it as a reading journal? On January 18th, Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy is teaching an online class called “Bullet Journaling for Book Lovers”. She’ll be talking about the basics of bullet journaling, how to use bullet journaling to enhance your reading life, and more. To find out more, stop by her blog and read her post Bullet journaling for book lovers.

Do any of you use a bullet journal? Do you use it with your reading?


I’m off and running with the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2017 Reading Challenge. I’ve already completed two books so far. Here’s what I’m currently reading:

Robert Frost Poems
The Brothers Karamazov
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (this is one I started in 2016 but never finished)

What are you currently reading?


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