Ways to Enhance Your Reading Life This Year (Plus Free Printables)

It’s no secret that I love books. I have books everywhere….on my desk, in the kitchen on a shelf, in the living room, on the table next to my bed, and of course on the multiple bookshelves we have. Between my youngest daughter and myself, we read a lot of books.

I’ve noticed that there are some things that have really enhanced my reading life. Among those things are:

  • Tracking the books I read
  • Keeping a Reading Journal


Reading Life Graphic.jpg

Tracking the Books You Read

Until last year, I wasn’t so great at tracking the books that I read. So one of my goals last year, along with trying to complete a reading challenge, was to be more intentional about keeping a list of the books I read. And you know what I found? Keeping a list of the books I read throughout the year really enhanced my reading life. How? Because it helped me see not only how many books I read (which actually surprised me!), but also it reflected the variety of books I read as well. And truly, there’s something to being able to look back at all the books you’ve read. It feels like a sense of accomplishment somehow.

Also, if you want to read more, it’s a good chance that keeping a list of what you are reading will actually encourage you to read more. So this year, if you want to enhance your reading life, start with keeping a list of the books you read.

Keeping a Reading Journal

I have kept a reading journal for quite awhile now; but I don’t always write about every single book I read. I do regularly write quotes in my commonplace notebook. The times I have jotted down things I loved or didn’t like about a book, the times I made a note of my opinion of a book or wrote a summary…I am so glad I did because it just added even more to my reading of that book.

“What we write, we remember. What we summarize in our own words becomes our own.”

From The Well-Educated Mind – pg. 35

If you want to add another component that will enhance your reading life, start a reading journal. It can be simple or it can be more indepth. It’s up to you. I hear bullet journals are great for this too. I hope to do another post soon where I’ll talk about what you can journal about in your reading journals. In the meantime, feel free to check out THIS POST I wrote awhile back.

Want to give these ideas a try? I’ve created two different reading logs that you can download to help you begin enhancing your reading life by tracking the books you read.

Does the thought of keeping a reading journal feel a bit overwhelming? Then Book Reading Log A is the one for you! I’ve included a small space for each book entry where you can make a few brief comments or notes about the book. Sometimes it helps to start off by keeping it simple. You can always write more if you want. Right?

If you plan to keep a reading journal and prefer a reading log with out a section for comments, then you can download Book Reading Log B. It is simply a reading log to keep track of all the books you read with no section for comments.

Choose which Book Reading Log you prefer, download it, and print off as many pages as you need. The first page of both logs has the title on it and the second page doesn’t. I created both pages because I like to have a title on the first page but not on all the subsequent pages I print out.   🙂

2017 Book Reading Log A (With Comments Section)

2017 Book Reading Log B (Without Comments Section)

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Ways to Enhance Your Reading Life This Year (Plus Free Printables)

    • And isn’t it so fun to go back and read the quotes you’ve written down and all the notes you’ve taken on the books you read? 🙂


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