What I’ve Been Reading – June 2016

In June, among the books I read were a number of children’s books, the final book in The Giver Quartet series, and a book for the 2016 Reading Challenge.

First, the book completed for the 2016 Reading Challenge:

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo
by Alexandre Dumas
Category:  A Book Chosen for You by Your Spouse, Partner, Sibling, Child, or BFF

This book could also fit in the category for “A Book You Should Have Read in School” since I didn’t read this in high school; but I’ve chosen Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for that category. My oldest daughter chose The Count of Monte Cristo for me because it was one of her favorite books she read in high school and she said I *needed* to read it. 🙂 While it is a pretty long book, the story kept moving. I saw the movie a long time ago and from what I can remember, it is quite different from the book. I plan to watch the movie again now that I’ve finished reading the book.

Other Books I Read

I read Son by Lois Lowry which is the final book in The Giver Quartet series.


I enjoyed this series. The author did a superb job of presenting different storylines and characters and then weaving them together. This series will definitely bring up discussion and I can’t wait to discuss them with my husband once he finishes listening to the audiobook.

And finally, throughout the month, I read a number of children’s books.

The Minstrel in the Tower

The Minstrel in the Tower by Gloria Skurzynski is a great little short chapter book to read if you are studying The Middle Ages. I read this aloud to my 8yo daughter and she loved it so much we ended up reading it all in one sitting. 🙂

I only read these four titles from The Lighthouse Family series; but they were all delightful little reads. These are great for children who are beginning to read chapter books; but even if a child is beyond the beginning chapter book stage, these are still great little books…especially for children who like animal stories. My 8yo daughter loves animal stories so these were perfect for her. She loved them all.