The Value of Efforts and Habit

*Here is another post from my archives that I’ve updated and am re-posting.*

In Mystie’s post The effort of thinking, learning, and teaching, she shared the following quote:

Quote 1

Education requires effort and self-discipline…it’s built on habits. And we as homeschooling mamas are the ones that are helping to train our children in the self-discipline education requires…the building of habits…the putting forth of effort needed. It doesn’t matter what curriculum you use or what methods you follow, effort will always be a part of the process.

I think Mystie said it very well in her post when she said:

Quote 2

It’s true that sometimes we might need to change curriculum or change a resource. However, sometimes it might not be about the curriculum at all…but more about habits, about effort. And really, most times issues of habits and effort are probably not going to be solved by switching curriculum.

Remember the importance of the little things…the daily steps? Little by little, day by day, good habits are being developed, effort is put forth, lessons are being learned, and character is being built. We are growing, learning, becoming.


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