This and That: New Journal, Pens and More

We recently celebrated my birthday and I just had to show you a piece of the birthday cake my hubby made for me:

Homemade Hot Fudge Cake.jpg

My husband knows how much I like  chocolate. 🙂 So he made homemade hot fudge cake with plenty of hot fudge sauce as you can see. Oh my. It was absolutely delicious!


This past Saturday, my hubby, youngest daughter, and I went to the local bookstore and I bought my first paperblanks journal. I almost didn’t buy it though. They are a tad bit on the expensive side as far as journals go. After picking out the journal, I looked at my hubby and said “My frugal side is kicking in.” Then I proceeded to show him some very basic plain notebooks that were much cheaper. My hubby wouldn’t let that fly. He insisted I get the one I really wanted. And so I splurged and bought the paperblanks journal. Isn’t it beautiful?

Pens and Journal

The pens with it are ones I just bought Wednesday. I decided to go with the Inkjoy pens and as you can see, I chose a pack with 8 different colors. 🙂

While we were at the bookstore, I also bought some books. Imagine that! 🙂 One of the books I bought was the third book in The Giver series. I can’t wait to start reading it! I am a bit bummed that the book is a different size and a totally different look than the other three books in the series. Is it weird that I like books in a series to all be the same size so that they sit pretty on the bookshelf?  LOL  Nonetheless, I still bought the book and can’t wait to read it.



I’m still pluggin’ along with Paradise Lost. It’s slow going right now. But I am making good progress on finishing up the books I’m reading of The Once and Future King. I have finished Book 1 and am ready to begin Book 2. Yay!


Oh, and this week I did a post about the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Somehow it initially posted with the wrong date and so I had to go back in and change that to the correct date, which means it posted again but with the right date. Unfortunately, the emails went out to blog subscribers before I could get the post date changed and so the link probably didn’t work since it deleted the original one that posted with the wrong date. My apologies for the confusion. You can read the post HERE.

How was your week?


2 thoughts on “This and That: New Journal, Pens and More

  1. Beautiful journal!

    I’ve read the first two books in the Giver quartet, but haven’t read The Messenger yet. I really like The Giver but was a little disappointed with Gathering Blue. I’ll read the last two…eventually :)…because I’m sure they all tie together somehow. I’m eager to see what you think of this next one!


    • I was a tad bit disappointed with Gathering Blue too because I thought it would pick up where The Giver left off and I could see what happen with Jonas and Gabe. But it was a completely different story. I did think it was a good book. I then found out that each of these books in this series do indeed tie together. In fact, at least one of the characters from Gathering Blue is in The Messenger… It looks like Matty is the main character in this third book.


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