This and That: Movies, Books I Want to Finish, and More

I had mentioned in a previous post how I loved watching The Wizard of Oz movie growing up but hadn’t read the book. So I decided that I would read the book aloud to my youngest daughter as I was reading it and then we could watch the movie together. My daughter loved the book; so I was pretty certain that she would enjoy the movie as well. When we decided to watch it this week, of course I called up my mom, told her that we were going to watch the movie and would she like to watch it with us. If you read my post about the book, then you know my mom loves this movie. Of course her answer was “Yes!”. So we headed over to my parent’s house with movie in hand. My mother and I sang to pretty near every song and quoted lines of the movie along the way. LOL And I was right…my daughter loved the movie too! So we now have three generations of Wizard of Oz fans. 🙂


I’ve been thinking the last couple of days that starting in March, I’d like to work on finishing up some books I started awhile back and never finished. They are books I *want* to finish. For some reason or another, I started reading them and then set them aside. I may try to tackle one each month until I get them finished, since I’m already currently reading Les Miserables. Here’s the ones I’d like to finish reading:

I’m only reading Books I and II of The Once and Future King and I’ve already read almost all of Book I. I’m about halfway through Watership Down. So it shouldn’t take too long to finish both of these books….I think…


While we’re on the subject of books, let’s talk tea. I shared one of the quotes I love from C. S. Lewis on Wednesday:

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
~ C. S. Lewis

I love a good cup of coffee; but I also enjoy a variety of teas. I have to say that my favorite is probably English Breakfast with Earl Grey following up in second place. How about you? What’s your favorite tea?


4 thoughts on “This and That: Movies, Books I Want to Finish, and More

  1. We love The Wizard of Oz! I had never read the book until I read it to my girls (6 and 4) last year. I missed out on so many classic children’s stories growing up, but am remedying that now 🙂

    I picked up The Once and Future King at a used bookstore last week. How is it? I also have Watership Down sitting on my shelf and I’ve heard it’s quite good. I have a few books that I’m about halfway through and need to finish – Jane Eyre, The Return of the King, The Count of Monte Cristo. I need to get in gear!

    My mom got me some Brew La La organic ginger peach green tea for Christmas and I love it. It’s definitely my favorite.


    • I have enjoyed what I’ve read of The Once and Future King so far. I like Watership Down so far as well. I’ve heard that it is one of those books that you either really like it or you really don’t.

      Ahhh….The Lord of the Rings books….I have never read them. I keep telling myself I really should read them but can’t bring myself to attempt it. I love the movies though. And my husband is a huge Tolkien fan. He loves the books and the movies…in fact, I think he’s read the books more than once (and that includes The Hobbit as well). The Count of Monte Cristo is on my list of books to read this year. My daughter chose it for me to read for the reading challenge category “A Book Chosen for You by Your Spouse, Partner, Sibling, Child, or BFF.”

      I’ve never heard of that brand of tea. But ginger peach sounds delicious!


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