It’s In the Day to Day and the Little Things

*This is a post from my archives that I’ve updated and am re-posting.*

Brandy at Afterthoughts, wrote a thought provoking post called Don’t Get Your Head Turned, where she talked about the importance of the little things we do in our homeschools. She said in that post:

“Sometimes it is easier to be faithful in the big things than in the small things. The big things, after all, have their bigness going for them. They’re flashy; they feel important. Buying impressive new technology and downloading really cool apps feels like a door opening to endless possibilities while teaching the math lesson every morning, narrating each reading, and doing our copywork doesn’t feel like much.

But it’s the little things, as they say.

The big things have their place, but it’s not from big things that we fashion our lives. Nope. Life is made up of the small stuff. The minutia. Our success — however we define that — is often determined by the millions of little steps taken rather than the occasional dangerous leap. And, really, our ability to survive the leap is determined by who we became in the process of taking the daily steps.”

The Little Things

Brandy encourages us to keep on keeping on with the little things… not let all the shiny new curriculum catalogs talk us into buying a new product when we really don’t need to. (And she just recently wrote another post on the topic of buying new curriculum called If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.) However, what I really wanted to focus on today, is the idea of being faithful in the little things, in the daily steps we take. What really struck me was her statement:  “And really, our ability to survive the leap is determined by who we became in the process of taking the daily steps.” I had to let that statement roll around in my mind for a bit. I shared in the comments of that post that all those little steps we take along the way, they are a journey. A journey is not one giant leap and then wham…you’re at your destination. No, a journey is a process of lots of little steps that eventually get you to your destination. And isn’t that how life is? And it’s certainly true of homeschooling too. All those little steps – all the daily steps – are a growing process. We learn…we grow…we become…and truth be told, that very process may very well be what helps us grow and get to the place of being able to make a bigger leap along the way. So don’t discount those little things….those daily steps. They are part of the journey.


3 thoughts on “It’s In the Day to Day and the Little Things

  1. Karen. I’m so glad you did not close this blog. BRAVO. Those two posts by Brandy, specially her first one, made such a big dent in me too. The small steps, the next right step.

    Thanks for writing.

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    • Ahhh…thank you so much Silvia! Yes….the small steps. It’s easy to think they are just that…small…insignificant. But they aren’t. They are part of the process of learning, growing, and becoming.


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