Reading Challenge for 2016

Last year, I decided to participate in a reading challenge and well…ummm….let’s just say I wasn’t very successful in completing it. I did manage to read one book that fit into one of the categories of that particular challenge. *ahem* Despite my failed attempt to complete that challenge, I did actually read a lot of books last year…they just didn’t fit into the categories of that particular challenge. 🙂 As 2016 rolled around, I entertained the thought of trying another reading challenge, perhaps a different one than the one I attempted last year. I needed to find one that I felt was more flexible in its categories….one that gave me room to fit in some of the many children’s books I would be reading (I have an 8yo who loves to read so I pre-read books *and* we also have a read-aloud time every day) but would also challenge me a bit.

MMD 2016 Reading Challenge

I decided on Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2016 Reading Challenge. As you can see above, there’s a nice variety of categories. There’s plenty of flexibility for me to incorporate children’s literature in the mix as well as offering me a bit of challenge (like the category “a book that intimidates you”).

I’ve already chosen some books for some of the categories. And as of today, I’ve even completed some of the categories! Woohoo! Stay tuned for updates on how the challenge is going. You can also get a quick glance at my reading challenge progress on my page “Books Read in 2016″.

Are you participating in a reading challenge this year? I’d love to hear about it!

6 thoughts on “Reading Challenge for 2016

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